About Us

In our publishing company we have been focusing on textbooks, non-fiction books and we commissioned writers to create content for us to publish. Now, for the first time since we started the company in 2005 and after  13,000 books published , we bring our successful publishing process to external writers and authors.

Complete Publishing is now available for independent authors.

Our Mision

To give writers access to professional publishing solutions to publish, print and distribute their book globally in a way that wouldn't be possible though traditional self-publishing channels .


We help people turn ideas into books that are distributed globally to retail outlets and libraries.

Historically, getting your book published was a  long drawn-out process. You took your book idea to a number of publishing houses and pitched to them, trying to get the authoring contract.

In the past 15 years, publishing has made a major leap in technology, and many people have discovered self-publishing as a convenient way to print their book.

Benefits of
traditional publishing

  • • Knowing your book will be published
  • • Having a team of editors work with you to create the text
  • • Having a team of graphic designers create the book cover
  • • Having a team of marketing people distributing your book

Frustration with traditional Publishing

  • • Having to pitch your book at multiple publishers
  • • Not knowing if the book is good enough for publishing
  • • Long process to get to the print stage of your book
  • • Low royalty payments
  • • Limited distribution opportunities for your book

Benefits of self-publishing

  • • You decide if you want to publish your book
  • • You control the whole process
  • • No need for print runs of your book
  • • Better for the environment

Frustration with self-publishing

  • • Hard to get professional feedback on your book
  • • Confusing process, not sure where to start
  • • Difficult to get your book in multiple stores
  • • Books are judged by the cover

Complete Publishing gives you the Best of Both worlds:

  • Your book will (most likely) be accepted by our publishing team
  • You have a team of editors
  • You have your own personal graphic designer
  • You have control over the final published book
  • Your book will be distributed globally to 38,000+ online retailers
  • Your book is printed when it is sold, so no wasted paper (good for the environment)

Our Team

Book publishing takes time and effort. Our team at Complete Publishing includes editors, coordinators, graphic designers, administrative support and many many more.

Below is a selection of our staff at the office in Brisbane, Australia:

  • Lara Mewburn

    Lara is our publishing coordinator. She is a master in managing multiple projects to make sure everything is done correctly.

  • Peter Savage

    Peter manages all the finances, including royalty payments to authors.

  • Ivanka Menken

    CEO and co-founder of the company. She is passionate about making sure people have a chance to get their stories published.

Our Mission

Combining the benefits of traditional publishing with the convenience of self-publishing to give every author the chance to create a beautiful professional book.