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Churchill Champions Fundraising Recipes

Chantel Drew

Oh wow.

Thank you so much.

I really look forward to receive the books so we can raise some much needed funds for the Cancer Council.


Chantel Drew, Churchill Champions - Relay for life fundraising

The 4 easy steps to create this recipe book

The Churchill fundraising group -  Relay for life

  • step 1

    You create a word document with content

    In this case the raw text was split in 93 Word documents. Some documents had text only, others had photos of what the meal looks like.

  • step 2

    We create the draft version of the book

    The team at Complete Publishing created the book with three different options for the layout and three different options for the book cover.

  • step 3

    You choose the book cover

    Once we knew what the preferred option was, we could finish the book and order a proof print to show the end result.
    Total turnaround time for this book was 6 weeks. (including the time it took for committee approval of designs and content)

  • step 4

    We print your book

    Once the book is approved, we will print 10 copies of your book and send it to you. You can order additional copies at an author discount.

Three cover designs

When you use our guided self publishing service, you receive three potential versions of your book cover. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with the end result so you choose the cover that appeals most to you.

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