Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help with publishing your book, you're in the right place.

What is involved with Publishing, Printing and Distribution?

Do I need Technical Knowledge?

NO - that's what we're here for.

All you need to do is write your book. This can be in a Word document, or a text file or any of your preferred electronic word processing software. (We're sorry, but we can't accept physical documents. Your book has to be typed on a computer.)

Will my book be printed?

YES - as part of all author packages, you receive hard copies of your book. The finished product will be offered for sale as a printed book, as well as a digital eBook (for Kindle, Nook etc.).

What does POD mean?

POD means "Print on Demand"

In short, this means that your book is offered to book retailers, online retailers and libraries and will be printed every time a copy is ordered by the reader / client.

This saves you a lot of money as you don't need to print your book in large quantities (usually a print run starts at 1000 -or sometimes 10,000 books).

What if I'm new to writing?

That's OK. Our editors work with you to make sure your book looks great. We also have a series of articles to help you to be come a better writer. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to receive the top writing tips.

Want to know what the editors do for you? Check out what's included in the Author Packages.

What is included in the end product?

A lot!

- Your book completely edited, including front and back cover as a PDF file

- Your book available as print ready file

- Your book created in specific eBook file types (specifically for iBook, Kindle, Nook and multiple other types of eBook files)

What is the difference between publishing and printing?

Publishing a book is the result of a team of specialists working on your publication. It includes editing the text, proofreading for grammar and spelling errors and checking the overall flow of the story. The Publisher will also look after the layout of the book (interior design), which includes typesetting and page layout. The final step is to make sure all technical specifications and different file types are prepared and are error free to ensure a smooth printing process.

Printing your book happens at the printing company. They take the completed document and create a print run. Usually a mock up is made to do a final check before a print run. Printing is not a required step for eBooks.

Who will receive my book?

Your book will be distributed among book retailers and libraries across the world. The book will be offered as 'available for sale' to large book retailers like, Barnes & Nobles and thousands of other bookstores across the world.

Do you guarantee sales?

While we guarantee that your book will be made available for sale to 38,000+ (Internet) bookstores, we can not guarantee that they will purchase your book on behalf of their clients and readers. We offer social media and online marketing services as part of the extended package which will help with the uptake and global exposure of your titles.

How long does it take to publish a book?

Your book is treated with the highest level of professionalism to ensure that your book looks great and the end result is what you want. A book that has less than 30,000 words would take approx. 4 - 6 weeks to complete (depending on the amount of work you want us to do with the original text). The total time required is also dependent on the amount of time you need to re-work your text after the first round of editing.



Selling my Book

Will I receive a copy of my book?

YES - you actually receive 10 or 25 printed copies of your book depending on which Author Package you sign up for. You also receive a PDF version of your book, which you can sell on your own website as a PDF eBook of you want to.

How much will this cost?

The Author package is a Complete Publishing Service. For USD$1500 we will make your book print ready, do two rounds of editing and proofreading, typesetting and make sure the technical details of your book are correct for both printing and eBook publishing.

Do you guarantee sales?

While we guarantee that your book will be made available for sale to 38,000+ (internet) bookstores, we can not guarantee that they will purchase your book on behalf of their clients and readers. We offer social media and online marketing services as part of the extended package ,which will help with the uptake and global exposure of your titles.

Am I allowed to sell my own book?

Of course! You own the copyright of your book, so you are free to do with it as you please. As part of the Complete Publishing Author Package, we make sure your book is offered to 38,000+ book retailers, as well as 220,000 libraries, but we recommend you approach your own network to sell your book.

Can I buy with Paypal?

Yes you can - when you sign up for our Complete Publishing Packages you will be directed to your PayPal account to complete the purchase. This makes the transaction safe and compliant with all bank security rules.

Will my book be available in the US?

The completed title will be offered to 38,000+ book retailers, a group of both online and offline bookstores. While most of these bookstores will be in the USA, your book will also be offered for sale in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

What about

With being such a large bookstore, your completed book will also be available for sale through

Complete Publishing doesn't stop there though... Your book is also offered to Barnes & Noble and 38,000 other bookstores globally.

Can my book be available in the iBook store?

Certainly! Your completed book will be available in all of the different type of eBook file types. This includes (but is not limited to) eBooks for Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and the Apple iBook store.

Where do I send people who want to buy my book?

You can send them to their preferred online bookstore (for example or or or they can ask for your book at the local book retailer.

The bookstore will order your book from a catalogue to be printed and shipped to their client.


  • q-iconAmazon offers Self Publishing (which is free) - Why should I pay for your Author Package?

    While offers a free service for Self publishing authors, there are a few drawbacks:

    • * The book is ONLY for sale on
    • * The price per copy of your book is higher
    • * You still have to find an editor to proof read and edit your book
    • * You have to find a graphic designer to create a cover image for your book
    • * You have to find a professional copy writer to write the marketing text for your book
    • * You have to project manage the work all these separate professionals do for you
    • * You have to purchase software to make sure the quality of your cover image and internal book content is up to standard

    Complete Publishing does all this heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is write your book and help the editors by re-writing the text.

  • q-iconWill I get paid?

    YES – every time your book is sold, you receive author royalties. The royalties are paid each month into your PayPal account.

    As long as your book is available for sale, and as long as people are buying your book, you will receive your royalty payments each month.

    Because we make your book available to 38,000+ book retailers, you have a much better chance that somebody will buy and read your book.

What is the difference between Self Publishing and Complete Publishing?

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How do I get started?

Does my book need to be complete before I hire you?

No - you can have it partially written, or even just an idea for a setup. Our Ghost Writing Service will be able to help you finish your book.


How do I get my book published?

Check out the Complete Publishing Author Package and click the 'add to cart' button to purchase your Publishing Pack. You will be assigned a Publishing Assistant who will contact you to discuss the entire project with you.


What do I need to do to publish my book?

You need to finish your book - the writing part is for you. We can help you with the structure and the editing, but the actual story is in your head. After that we do the rest and it's up to you to approve the cover design and internal layout.



How long will it take to complete my book?

That's a tough question! It depends on a number of things:

- How much of the book have you written so far (and do you need our help to finish the book)?

- How quickly can you re-work the text based on the feedback of our editors?

- How quickly can you reply to us with answers to questions and decisions on layout and design?


In a perfect world - where everything flows without any hiccups - your book will be finished within 4 - 6 weeks from the moment you hire us.


I would like to write a book in French.

While we can sell your book in France, our editors are experts in the English language. You can tell us your preference between US English or British English (as these use different rules for grammar and spelling), but at this stage we don't offer any editing services for non-English languages.





Let's talk about the Money

How much do I pay to get my book published?

There are different packages, but the most popular package is the Extended Publishing Author Package. For more information read what is included in this package.

The Extended Author Package is USD$2500

Amazon's Createspace is free. That's a big difference.

While Amazon's self-publishing platform 'Createspace' is free, you will be disadvantaged because through Createspace you only have your book on Each Author Package ensures that your book is distributed to 38,000+ book retailers, as well as 220,000+ libraries worldwide.

The Author Packages also include editing, typesetting, layout, cover design and everything else that is needed as part of Professional publishing. For a full list of inclusions, check this page.


I heard that publishers pay an advance to authors. Why do I have to pay up front?

Historically publishers have used a strict and complex vetting process to cherry-pick a specific number of books to publish each year. The service of this style of publishers includes marketing and sales services, book tours and PR and advertising to ensure a minimum level of expected sales. The cost of this process is a lot higher and the author pays for all of this with their author royalties.

Complete Publishing has a different model. The costs of publishing, printing and distribution of your book are kept at a minimum, which is why you only pay $1500 up front for the entire process and you receive author royalties from the very first book you sell.


How much will I earn with my book?

First of all - it is a hard truth that writing a book is (most likely) not going to make you rich. There is a lot of evidence and research published on the success rate of published books. At the time of writing (July 2014) there have been 1.2 million published this year to date.

On average, research has shown that in the U.S. each nonfiction book will sell approximately. 250 copies. (Publishers Weekly, January 11, 2010)

Having said all that - you will earn a straight 20% royalty over every book sale. (That is 20% of the listed book price)

For example: You list your book for $12.95  and you earn $2.59 for each book sold (even when the bookstores sell the book for a discounted price ) Your royalty is always a percentage of the list price.

Who will own my book?

YOU - it's your book and you own the copyright for the content of the book. Our service is to help your turn your raw text into a professional-looking book through editing, typesetting, layout, graphic design and making your book file print ready. We also distribute your book into our sales channels. This doesn't mean we own the book - it's your book and it will stay that way.


The company

How long have you been in business?

While  Complete Publishing started in 2014, the team behind it is a publishing company that has been in business for 10 years successfully publishing textbooks for professional education as well as non-fiction titles.

Where are you located?

Complete Publishing has its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia but our editors are around the world. There are specialists in the U.S. English language as well as the UK/Australian English language in different countries.

Part of our service is that we coordinate all these experts to give your book the best possible service.

Do you speak English?

Certainly! As mentioned, we are based in Brisbane, Australia, and our language is English.

Who will work on my book?

The team at Complete Publishing works together to make your dream come true: to publish, print and distribute your book. You will have a professional proofreader, copy editor, layout / typesetting expert, graphic designer and publisher all working together to achieve the end result for you.

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