I have my book as an ebook, can you turn this into a printed book?

We receive this question on a regular basis and the simple answer is YES – we can do this.

To make a printed book, the file preparation within the publishing process is the same, with the exception of the fact of course that we don’t need to create the ebook files as you will already have this.

We will take the raw text and do a quick assessment to see if the document needs additional proofreading and editing (unless you’ve had this professionally done, chances are additional proofreading is required)

After this your book will receive the three cover page designs and you can choose the one you like best.



Once we get to the publishing stage of the process, the main focus is on the print version of the book. A printed book only requires one ISBN number and the print ready file is created for print on demand services.

Your book is distributed to the retail outlets who prefer printed books over ebooks (including, but certainly not limited to Amazon.com !!)