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Personal Journey of a UN mission in Sarajevo

"the books just came in, they look great! Thank you for all your help in putting this together. Dad loves it"

Arijan Menken

The 3 easy steps to create this  book

"Acceptable Risk?" - Personal Journal of mission to (former) Yugoslavia

  • step 1

    You create a word document with content

    The document was created in MS Word with photos included as images. Our design team updated the photos to increase the quality for printing standards

  • step 2

    We create the draft version of the book

    The team at Complete Publishing created the book with three different options for the layout and three different options for the book cover.

  • step 3

    You choose the book cover

    Once we knew what the preferred option was, we could finish the book and order a proof print to show the end result.
    Total turnaround time for this book was 4 weeks. (including the time it took for shipping the book to The Netherlands)

The end result

The layout and overall look of the book is approved by you before we complete the project. This way you have ultimate control over the end result and your book looks exactly the way you want it.


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