Self publishing leads to Golden Globe winner

The Indie Movie “Still Alice” has won a Golden Globe this month, but did you know that this movie is based on a book that was originally Self Published?


Check this out: (copied from Wikipedia)

Lisa Genova (born November 11, 1970) is an American neuroscientist and writer. She self-published her debut novel Still Alice (2007), about a Harvard professor who suffers early onset Alzheimer’s disease. The book gained popularity and was acquired by Simon & Schuster; it was published in January 2009 by Pocket Books (now Gallery Books). A bestseller, it is sold in 30 countries and has been translated into more than 20 languages.

Genova has written fiction about characters dealing with neurological disorders. Gallery Books published her next two novels, which also became bestsellers.


So whoever tries to tell you that Self Publishing is bad for your book, you can show them this reference. A good book, is a good book.. no matter how it is published!

Of course, your job is to write a really good book… and with professional editing, typesetting and cover design it will appeal to a broad audience of enthusiastic readers. Who knows.. you might be the next big Indie Author who’s book is turned into a movie.