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New Baby 101 - a Midwife's Guide for New Parents

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New Baby 101- A Midwife’s Guide for New Parents is the long awaited owner’s manual for those who are expecting or have recently welcomed a new baby. This comprehensive little book covers preparation for baby’s arrival and all aspects of care during baby’s first 3 months.

Five videos are included demonstrating the basic skills of breastfeeding, bathing, changing and swaddling a newborn. The professionally produced New Baby 101 videos provide clear and friendly guidance for parents who are often anxious about handling and feeding their newborn.


So new parents, here is your practical guide for the first few months of your parenting journey. These early weeks are precious even though they pass in a blur of elation and sleep deprivation. This book will enable you to enjoy your "babymoon" with your new baby.

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New Baby 101 - A MidWife's Guide for new Parents

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