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The Shadows of Sholanth

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Kishan eyed the old man suspiciously. ‘Were you manipulating my mind? Did you force me to come here?’

Zamaz shook his head. ‘Your own choices brought you here, befriending Ardis, entering the city, abandoning your family …’ He smiled at Kishan’s rueful expression. ‘This moment had to come. Your powers could not be suppressed forever, nor could you continue to hide from the responsibilities such powers bring.’

Kishan lives an isolated life in a forest cottage with her grandmother and brother, knowing that her special talents must be kept hidden at all costs. Raised to fear a city she fled as a child, in her mind Sholanth is a place of luxury, cruelty and arrogance. Yet a chance encounter with the fiery Ardis, and a burning desire to know a world forbidden to her, will start Kishan down a path that will jeopardize her family, her friends, and her life.

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The Shadows of Sholanth - Fantasy Fiction Novel

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