Three quick wins using your printed book as a lead magnet

Have you ever heard of the term ‘lead magnet’? (not lead as in the metal but lead as in potential clients)

Many professionals and experts successfully use free gifts and free information to collect leads and newsletter subscribers.

what is a lead magnet

A lead magnet can be a whitepaper, an infographic, an ebook or a CD. Anything that is of value to your potential clients really. Most professionals these days would use a PDF version of a document or an ebook as a lead magnet to share valuable information with their potential clients.

When you check out what online marketing experts are doing you’ll quickly see a pattern. Everybody uses some sort of giveaway and the better the value is, the more people are willing to listen to the company’s product descriptions. Many online marketers incorporate off-line documentation as part of their lead nurturing campaign. The benefit for the (potential ) client is that they receive the information in a variety of methods which helps with the ease of access of the information. Sometimes it’s easier to share a physical product and other times it’s easier to share an electronic product.

For the professional using an offline lead magnet can be a fantastic way to gain more information from your potential client. After all – you can’t send them your printed book without having their mailing address and phone number.

Now let’s see how your printed book can play a role in all this:

Using your

What are the 3 quick wins using your printed book as a lead magnet?

1. When you are a public speaker you can also use a printed book as a lead magnet.

 “Come along to this free breakfast seminar and receive my book for free”

– this will help with the conversion rate not just for the event attendance but the instant credibility will help with the follow up conversion as well.

2. Value add in the lead nurturing campaign.

Giving out the same type of information over and over again becomes repetitive and boring for the potential client. A way to spice up your communication is to add in some offline components. The printed version of your book can be a great way to test how serious your potential client is. Sure – they wanted the whitepaper and the ebook for free… but are they willing to pay for shipping to receive the free printed (and signed) copy of your book? What a wonderful way to qualify your leads!

3. Use the printed copy as a competition prize

The name of the game is engagement. When you get your potential clients to engage with your content, share your content and talk to other people about your content, you’ll have a better chance of growing your pool of potential leads.

While you may use a PDF document or ebook to help people to sign up for your newsletter, you can use the physical printed book as a prize as part of a competition or performance bonus. A physical book has a retail value which make it easier to show people the worth of the gift you give them. This is a lot harder with an ebook, especially when it is distributed as a PDF.


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