When my book is published, will it also be printed?

The publishing world can be quite confusing. The main reason for this is that the industry has changed a lot on the past decade. Where it used to be that a published would would by definition also be printed in large quantities, this is no longer a requirement.

Publishing a book is the result of a team of specialists working on your publication. It includes editing the text, proofreading for grammar and spelling errors and checking the overall flow of the story. The Publisher will also look after the layout of the book (interior design), which includes typesetting and page layout. The final step is to make sure all technical specifications and different file types are prepared and are error free to ensure a smooth printing process.

Printing your book happens at the printing company. They take the completed document and create a print run. Usually a mock up is made to do a final check before a print run. Printing is not a required step for eBooks.

When you publish your book with Complete-Publishing, we will make sure your book is professionally prepared for print. This means that we do the editing of the content of the book, we create the graphics and the book cover, we help you with writing the marketing text and we make sure all files are correct for the various distribution channels.

It will still be considered self publishing, as you are in control of the entire process but we guide you through the process of self publishing to make sure you are happy with the end result, without you having to learn a whole new trade.

You will receive 10 printed copies of your book, so you can see (and feel) the end result of these efforts.

You do NOT have to pay for the printing of thousands of books! The books will be distributed and made available for sale to 38,000 retail outlets. This is the final step in the publishing process. The book will ONLY be printed after a copy is sold. This copy can be sold to readers, clients or to you. When you need printed books, you order the number of copies that you need and only that number of books will be printed. No wastage, no inventory, no outlay without guaranteed revenue.