Who are the new author publishers?

New author publishers are publishing houses that specialise in accepting books of new authors that are yet unknown in the industry. When you write a book, you will need to complete a lot of steps to go from your raw book text to a published and distributed book.

In short, these are the steps you need to go through to get your book published:



1. Finish writing your book

2. Send your book to Complete-Publishing and our editors can start working on it

3. Work on the recommended changes

4. Send the book to Complete-Publishing again for a final copy check

5. Check and approve the book cover design and internal layout design

6. Complete-Publishing creates all the technical files and systems required to publish and print a book

7. You receive the final copy for a final check

8. Complete-Publishing distributes your book to 38,000 retailers world wide


And of course as a new author you receive 10 printed copies of your book.