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The 7 most costly self publishing mistakes

Why work with Complete Publishing?

Complete Publishing gives you the complete self publishing service. We combine the professionalism of traditional publishing with the speed and convenience of Publishing on Demand.

You can make sure that your story is heard when you work with Complete Publishing. Rather than re-inventing the wheel and spending valuable tine learning about self publishing, why not use Complete Publishing to publish your book?

We use our 10 years of experience in publishing textbooks and management manuals to give your book the complete publishing service it deserves.

  • Professional editing

    Once you finish writing your book, our professional editors will go through it with a fine-toothed comb and comment on spelling, grammar and overall flow of the story.

    This is what will transform your book into a professional-quality achievement you can be proud of.

  • Graphic design

    People judge a book by its cover! That is why our team of designers create a layout and a book cover for you that makes your book look amazing.

  • Global distribution

    While we can not guarantee that you will get rich by publishing your book, we can guarantee that your book is distributed to our global network of thousands of retail outlets and libraries.

My name is Lara, and I'm here to help you publish your book.

My name is Lara and I'm your publishing coordinator at Complete Publishing. You want to be a published author and are thinking of self publishing your book. Let me help you with your self publishing project. The better your book looks, the more chance you have to become a best selling author.

My job is to make sure your book is published in a professional manner that is stress free for you. I also to make sure your book goes through all quality checks.

I make sure the editors do a thorough spell check on your book. I also make sure that you have the opportunity to improve the text by using their feedback and comments. (Yes, I will be chasing you!)
Ultimately, I want to make sure you are happy with the end result as well as the process to get your book published and distributed.

Of course, you can always contact me with your questions and uncertainties. While we publish books every day, we understand that you don't often publish a book and that the process can be a bit confusing sometimes.

Warm regards,


What steps are involved in the Complete Publishing Solution?

A quick overview of the steps involved in publishing and distributing your book

  • Write your book: Step 1

    You want to publish your book. You start writing. How do you start the process of professionally publishing your book?

    Usually authors send their books to us as a Word document. This makes it easy for everybody to edit while we track all changes.

    We accept most subjects and topics. Once your book is accepted, we’ll start the editing process.

  • step 2: First round of editing

    Our editing team goes through your book for spell checks, grammar checks and a thorough edit of your book (looking for flow and quality of writing).

    The editing team will leave comments and feedback for you to work on once you have the book back again.

  • Step 3: Rework the book

    Based on our 10 years of experience publishing books, we have yet to see a document that does not need re-writing after the first round of editing. You receive your book back with all the editing mark-ups and comments so that you can improve the book before sending it back to us.

  • Step 4: Second round of editing

    Once you’re happy with the way you’ve re-written your book, you’ll send it back to us for further editing. Our editing team will do another round of proofing – not just spell checking, but looking at the overall flow of your story as well.

  • Step 5: Layout and graphic design

    The final book is created with professional publishing software, so the next step is to design the interior layout of the book, as well as the book cover (front and back).

    Just like we did with the text, we send the design to you for comment, feedback and approval. It’s your book –  so ultimately you will have the final say in what your book will looks like.

  • step 6: QA and approval

    Our internal quality control team will check the completed book to make sure that everything is in order. After our internal final QA, we will send you the final book as a PDF so you can see the end result.

    Once you’re happy with the way we’ve designed the book (both in text, interior layout and covers) you will give us the approval to go to print.

  • Step 7: Make the book print ready

    At this point, the content of the book will have been approved by you, so we’ll start working on the print proofs. Everything needs to have the correct file type and size with the appropriate technical specifications.

    This is not something for you to worry about – it happens behind the scenes – but it’s a very important step. If this is done incorrectly, the printer won’t accept your book.

    We make sure that doesn’t happen! Your book will be available as an eBook, Apple iBook, paperback book, Kindle Book, Nook book, and as a PDF so you have easy access to your own book.

  • Step 8: Distribution

    The book is ready. The final step in the process is to make sure it is distributed to our global network of retail outlets.

    Although we can not guarantee any sales of your book, we can guarantee that your book will be distributed to over 18,500 retail outlets globally. Your book will also be distributed to over 200,000 libraries globally.

    Our online retail outlets include (but are NOT limited to), and


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